"...the instrumentation, harmony and...style of the leader- is remindful of West Coast Cool's heyday, albeit with the heater turned up a bit."

"Zebley pleasingly confuses the listener...by slipping and sliding between the sway of Ornette Coleman and Lee Konitz."

"...an impressive album...that possess intriguing compositions that impart a variety of moods- ranging from ebullient happiness to sedate sobriety..."

- Russell Arthur Roberts LA Jazz Scene (December 1999)



"...the artist works from the mainstream, establishing his unique voice. Tradition and exploration work side by side."

"Zebley's debut album is an excellent mainstream session from the world of unsung heroes out there who want to share their music and are waiting to be recognized."

- Jim Santella www.allaboutjazz.com (June 2000)



"...Matt Zebley further invokes the spirit of the legendary Eric Dolphy every time he busts a bent blue note on his tone-rich [alto] clarinet."

- Sam Prestianni San Francisco Weekly (October 2000)



"Matt Zebley is a risk taker who overlooks nothing in...his race. As a player, composer and leader, this foray ends in the winner's circle."

- Cathy Jensen LA Jazz Scene (December 2001)


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